Sui Tien Yuen

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Sui Tien Yuen


Caste: Zenith.
Concept: Resilient Martial Arts Master.

Sui's Background

Sui's First Age Story

Head of The Crashing Fountain Martial Arts Academy.

Husband of Thrice Gilded Artena.

A Treatise on Philosophy (Explaining Intimacies).


Strength: 4 Dexterity: 4 Stamina: 5

Charisma: 3 Manipulation: 2 Appearance: 2

Perception: 3 Intelligence: 2 Wits: 4

Caste Abilities:

Integrity: 5 Performance: 3 Presence: 4 Resistance (supernal): 5 (Poisons) Survival: 3 (Desert)

Favoured Abilities:

Brawl/Martial Arts: 1/5 (Unarmed) Lore: 3 (Theology) Awareness: 4 Athletics: 4 Stealth: 3

Non-Favoured Abilities

Linguistics: 1. Socialize: 3. Investigation: 3. War 5. Craft (Jewellery) 1. Bureaucracy 1. Archery 2. Occult 1. Medicine 1.

Willpower: 8


Martial Artist - Tiger (4)
Martial Artist - Crane (2)
Cult (2) (Crashing Fountain Theological College)
Command (2) (Crashing Fountain Martial Arts Academy)
Retainer (2) (Wei Liold, High Priest at Crashing Fountain)
Resources (2) (Salary drawn from Academy/College fees, donations. may also represent some level of 'good will' from local businesses)
Allies (1) Kif Warriors
Allies (1) Kif populace
Allies (1) Kinsai


Resistance Tree 1:

Durability of Oak Meditation
Spirit Strengthens the Skin
Iron Skin Concentration
Diamond-Body Prana
Iron Kettle Body
Adamant Skin Technique
Aegis of Invincible Might.

Resistance Tree 2:

Ox-Body Technique
Body-Mending Meditation.
Essence-Gathering Temper

Tiger Style:

Crimson Leaping Cat Technique
Striking Fury Claws
Tiger Form
Celestial Tiger Hide
Raging Tiger Pounce
Stalking Cat Meditation
Iron Claw Grip
Prey-Maiming Frenzy
Leap From Cloaking Shadows
Spine-Shattering Bite
Angry Predator Frenzy

Crane Style

Empowering Justice Redirection
Fluttering Cry of Warning
Crane Form
Humbling Enlightenment Commentary


Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit


Enduring Mental Toughness
Integrity Protecting Prana
Sun-King Radiance


Masterful Performance Exercise
Impassioned Orator Technique
Fury Inciting Speech
Dogmatic Contagion Discipline


Monkey Leap Technique
Lightning Speed


Sensory Acuity Prana
Surprise Anticipation Method
Keen Hearing/Touch
Keen Taste/Smell
Awakening Eye


Harmonious Presence Meditation
Tiger's Dread Symmetry
Majestic Radiant Presence


Mastery Of Small Manners


Perfect Shadow Stillness
Easily Overlooked Presence Method


War God Descendant
League of Iron Preparation
Tiger Warrior Training Technique


Wise Arrow


Spirit-Detecting Glance


Watchman's Infallible Eye


  • Defining Principle: Tough Love/No Pain=No Gain (catchphrase "It's Character-Building!")
  • Major Principle: Demons and Fae are not to be trusted. (And by extension, neither are people who will consort with them)
  • Major Principle: Democracy Doesn't Work!
  • Major Principle: As you sow, so shall you reap
  • Major Principle: The People are Creation. Take care of them.
  • Minor Principle: Kill the Dead
  • Minor Principle: Children are to be indulged.
  • Minor Principle: Straight-talking is preferable to weasel-words.
  • Major Tie: The Unconquered Sun (Love)
  • Major Tie: The Crashing Fountain (Pride) (Inlcuding Wei Liold and Kinsai)
  • Major Tie: The City of Soba. (Affection)
  • Major Tie: Our Solar Circle.
  • Major Tie: Thrice Gilded Artena and our offspring. (Duty)
  • Major Tie: Princess (Duty of Care)
  • Major Tie: The Righteous Lady (Respect)
  • Minor Tie: Cynis Allegra (Overlapping Goals) <- Not sure how to phrase. She seems to want good things for Soba, and as DragonBlood Dynasts go, hasn't tried to kill me yet.
  • Minor Tie: Master Hanson (Professional Respect/Rivalry)


  • The New Alodian Tigers - Size 4 battle group. Legion of Iron, Tiger Warriors (plus Demon-Fighting Principle). Perfect Morale. Garrisoning the ruins of Eadems.
  • The Crashing Fountain - Size 3 battle group. Legion of Iron. Tiger Warriors. Trained by Kif in horse-archery.
  • Vigilant Thunder - Size 3 battle group. Mysterious hybrid dojo.
  • Mountain's Burden - Greater Hearthstone of Earth. When placed into a Hearthstone Socket (usually requiring a Grapple Gambit), the item so socketed becomes as heavy as a mountain. Weapons fall from their wielder's hands. Armour drags the wearer to the ground etc.
  • Blessing of The God Of Lubrication - Enemies Grapple Control rolls are penalised by <Essence>
  • The Refugees of Soba (count as Means for some Projects. See: )
  • Cloak of the Archon - Silken Shirt. +3 Soak. When Presence is appropriate, adds PRE extra Soak. Investigation is favoured.
  • Mystical tattoos.


Help Bountiful Fox to destroy Tartarus. Speed his work. Do not delay him. (Assumed to be concluded, with the destruction of the City)

Combat Stats:

Light Weapon (Unarmed): +4 AC +7 DA +0 DE 1 OV Unarmed - Bashing, Brawl, Natural

Join Battle Pool: WITS 4 + AWE 4 = 8 (+3 Auto)

Parry Base MA: (DEX 4 + MA 5) / 2 = 5
Parry Unarmed: ((DEX 4 + MA 5 + SPEC 1) / 2) = 5
Evade: (DEX 4 + DOD 0) / 2 = 2
Natural Soak: 5
(Diamond Body Prana adds (STA 5 + RES 5) roll + 3 Auto)
(Celestial Tiger Hide adds (STR))

Withering Attack MA Base: DEX 4 + MA 5 = 9
Unarmed (Light): Base + 4 AC +1 SPEC = 14
Unarmed (Light) Base Damage: STR 4 + DA 7 = 11

Decisive Attack MA: DEX 4 + MA 5 +1 SPEC = 10

Rush Pool: DEX 4 + ATH 4 = 8
Disengage Pool: DEX 4 + DOD 0 = 4

Social stats:

Guile: (MAN 2 + SOC 3) / 2 = 3
Resolve: (WIT 4 + INT 5) / 2 = 5