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TechNo Prisoners is a wide-spanning resource site for Role-Playing Games, Wargames, Board Games and many more related activities. First active in 1986, we have moved with the times, to bring you the latest and greatest in Hobby resources.

TNP began its life as a treeware fanzine covering our growth from aD&D™ to other RPGs, and beyond. We owe a large influence to the RPKS, and also the Elves of Gildermere, without whom this project would never have been.

TNP is now based n the East Midlands, home to some of the most famous Games and Gamers, and participates in the National Student RPG Championships, and regularly attends Ganes Workshop™ Warhammer World™ events.

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TechNo Prisoners is a Mad Dwarf Production. For more details of M.D.P. and our other projects, please visit
Mad Dwarf Productions have been creating projects in relation to Art, Technology, Gaming and other subjects since the mid-1980s, and have accrued an extensive experience of eclectic and esoteric areas.